About Us

The story of Ocean & Dani...

We met in 2017 through work and found we had an instant chemistry, and an attraction for one another. We began a wonderful friendship and began to see each other with male playmates, from our personal lives, outside of work. Finding that we both thoroughly enjoyed our time in bed with each other, we began marketing our services as a doubles package. The rest is amazing history for both of us. We have enjoyed each other and many of our clients. We have never looked back. Some may have a threesome only once in their lifetime and through our personal experiences we know first hand how incredible the chemistry of three in bed can be. We adore being part of making a memory which will last a lifetime for you. Don't forget that many of our clients make lifelong memories for us too.

About Ocean...

I am a petite and refined woman in my 30's. I am an unpretentious and real woman. I am extremely genuine, kind, low key and low maintenance. I am interested in LIFE in a holistic sense; health, relationships, business, growth, personal development, wellbeing. I keep myself fit through the practices of Yoga and Meditation.

About Dani...

I am an athletic girl in my 20's. I like real people cause I am one. I like grounded people, cause I am one. I am sincere and genuine as a person. I am very low maintenance and  don't think I am better than anyone. I am very passionate about health, nutrition, fitness and music. I keep fit through gym and pilates.  I surround myself with good people (such as my great friend Ocean). I enjoy the companionship of nice guys. Manners, kindness and politeness are really important to me.